Fine Woodworking and Stitchery



DUST’N LINT, so named for the byproducts of what we produce.

JOHN: Retired from the telephone company after 30 years. Now a woodworker, a.k.a. DUST. I sign my work “ODIE”. My specialty is the fancy joinery you see on the jewelry boxes.

SUE: Also retired after many years as a casino controller and bank teller.

Sue, a.k.a. LINT, has quite a love for art plus sewing. She combines the two by creating traditional quilts with nontraditional colors.

WE have lived in Truckee

the last 39 years of our 45 years of marriage. Most of our  work is sold at arts and crafts shows in the Lake Tahoe area. We hope to branch out now that we are both retired.

*** We also take custom orders. And fill these orders as time allows. Our first priority is inventory for the arts and crafts shows we are already committed to doing.

This is a BRAND NEW WEB SITE. I have had to completely redesign it from the ground up.

It is designed and maintained by us. We can add and delete pages as needed. And we can make changes to pages daily if need be to keep you up to date. Our products are changing constantly, so why shouldn’t

our WEB SITE as well, John and Sue

We also have a blog hosted by Google Blogger. I will get a link to it at this site.

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